5 in 1 ring armor holster case- the second generation of 3 ...
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  • Jimmy at
  • August 28, 2017

After more than 13 years business life with Foreigners, we find that people do not like the protector case itself, but like its function, the function to protect the phone savely, the function to touch more comfortable, the function to handle easily, the function can stand on your desk and convenient to see the message or to watch video, the function to handle in your car to be as a navigation when you drive.

Society is progressing and needs to be expanded, so the Business takes lots of cost and risk to purchase each of these functions to satisfy people's needs,

in order to reduce the cost and avoid piling up large inventories for our clients, we research one multifunctional integrated product, 5 in 1 ring amor holster, which is more functional, which can be used with the car holder, and enable you to use GPS freely in the car.

Following are the photos for tpu pc robot armor holster case.

This 5 in 1 ring armor holster is selling very well in Mexico, USA and so on countries. It has about 100 models. Following is the model list for ring armor holster.

Now this product can be produced in large quantities, it's time to grasp the market opportunity, you can lead market if you are the first one to get this goods.
Pls check the following photo and make your order first, it is in hot selling,don't lose the chance.